Who is Align Spa

The story of how Align came to be what it is today is an inspiring one, and I (Harriet) am proud to say that many of the Align staff have been around long enough to tell it.

Align first began as a problem I wanted to solve. I used to struggle with my skin and have chronically tight muscles, so I turned to massages and facials in high school to help me relax and feel better about myself.

I was seeking reliable, awesome and affordable treatment options, but could never find them under the same roof. I’d find a great massage therapist at one place, and a great aesthetician at another, but never together. Another common problem I found was that great therapists didn’t seem to stay in one location for very long, and I wanted to be consistent with whom I was receiving treatments.

So I set out on a mission in 2003 to create what I always wanted and needed, a spa where I could get thorough and therapeutic massages AND facials often, and not be afraid my therapist would disappear.

With Align, we have been successful in achieving all of that.

The hallways are filled with talented therapists who have been working together for several years, and some a decade or longer. You can feel the energy and connection between the therapists, and how they move around the space, which therein affects the energy they bring into every treatment. And because we realize that environment matters, we do our best to keep the spa and energy in the spa, clean, clear and comfortable, so you can have the best possible experience while you’re under our care. We accomplish this with sacred geometry tools, regular Reiki clearings, crystals and aromatherapy to help bring balance to the energy field of the space.

I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures and videos of our beautiful space and family of practitioners, and it is my intention that we demonstrate our commitment to service in every conversation and interaction that you have with us. We love having you as a guest and we welcome you to return to Align each week, month or year, so you can visit your favorite therapist and receive your favorite treatment.

Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Much love, Harriet

About the Kanji's

Inside the Align logo you’ll find a kanji that means, “Never forget the pleasure of the journey.” It was inspired by the first piece of artwork I ever bought when I was in college in Boulder Colorado in 1997.

This art piece, which now hangs in the relaxation room at the spa, has been with me through many different homes and cities, and I finally got it professionally framed when it became the logo of the spa when I expanded in 2007.

It’s how I approach my business, my life and the symbol is tattooed on my back.

Never forget the pleasure of the journey.

I found the second Kanji in 2001, when I saw it on the cover of one of my massage school notebooks; it means “connection.” As I went through massage school and got in touch with my gift of touch and healing, I got the symbol tattooed on the back of my neck.

So there’s conscious choice in all we do, and it’s infused in our logo, our energy and the design of our space and treatments.

I look forward to you feeling the Align difference.

Sincerely, Harriet McEntire Lanka

Please be advised that there are often either 1 or 2 “spa dogs” present at the spa. They are very well behaved, gentle, friendly and contribute to our serene atmosphere. They are kept out of all treatment rooms in observance of potential client allergies, but please let us know in advance if you would like them to be kept solely in our staff area to respect any needs you may have. Thank you.

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  • Every aspect of your wellness experience will be exceptional, from the moment you arrive to the time that you leave.

  • Our therapists will respect your needs and address them to the best of our abilities.

  • Your experience will be unique and catered especially for you needs.

  • Timely Arrival

        Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment; this allows you to relax and unwind and enjoy a beverage in our relaxation room before your treatment.
  • Therapist Choice

        You may request a male or female therapist or inquire about which therapist will best fit your needs.
  • Your Spa Treatment

        Please feel comfortable communicating with your therapist about specific concerns you have during your treatment. Remember this is your experience and we want you
        to feel satisfied. You may remain silent or speak quietly during your session.
  • Quiet Area

        Please no cell phones in the spa and be respectful of common space and talk quietly amongst friends.
  • Therapeutic Spa Treatments

        Remember that you are in a professional spa, and do not expect anything other than therapeutic or spa services.
  • Feedback

        Give honest feedback to the manager, therapists, and owner, and take the time to fill out our feedback form. Align Spa is interested in knowing how we can further meet
        your needs.
  • Cancellation

        24-hour cancellation policy applies to all services. $25 rescheduling fee applies within 24 hours of service.
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