Frequently Asked Questions

How close are you
to main st.?

We are 1.5 miles from Main Street.

Is there parking at the spa?

Yes, we have our own parking lot.

Can I take the bus to get there and if so which one?

Yes, the bus transit is free and the routes are color coded. The year round bus route to the spa is the LIME route and the winter bus route to the spa is the YELLOW route. The bus stop is right across the street from the spa.

What amenities do you have?

We have a lovely relaxation lounge for our guests to enjoy with free wifi, tea, water, healthy snacks, organic chocolates & a wide variety of magazines. For guests receiving multiple treatments we also provide a robe & slippers.

Do you offer Acupuncture?

Yes we do, and you will need to contact the spa directly to book. We will also need an email address from you before your appointment so that we can send you your Acupuncture intake form as it is quite lengthy.
Mar Corelli
Licensed Acupuncturist  & Licensed Massage Therapist

Do you offer Chiropractic care?

We have an amazing chiropractor who works out of our spa. However he is his own entity and you will need to contact him directly for appointments and pricing.
Randall F Malin D.C.
Chiropractic Orthopedist