Restorative blend of Zeolite, Charcoal and Superfoods

Restoriix is a combination of zeolite, charcoal, and nutrient-dense super foods that attracts and removes free radicals and unwanted substances, balances pH levels, and supports healthy immune function while bolstering the body's natural detoxification process.
We live in a world that too often feels out of balance. Mix constant stress with too much take-out food, throw in environmental pollutants, and now you can see how our systems can really be thrown for a loop.

When our systems are under stress and out of balance, our bodies can't work as efficiently and can suffer from low energy, weight gain or loss, and weakened immunity. Even if you have a healthy diet, you cannot escape toxins in the environment that are always around, such as from plastics.

To help get you back on track, Restoriix, supports your body's normal detoxification processes to help you reach your peak balance potential.

Ingredients: Zeolite (micronized), Chlorella (cracked cell wall), Chia Seed, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Activated Charcoal, Organic Ginger Root Powder, Organic Spirulina, Raw Cacao, Natural Lemon Flavor, Apple Pectin, Stevia Leaf Extract.

Recommended Usage: 1 Scoop per day with water or juice, Best taken 1 hour before meals. For more intense cleansing, take 1 scoop daily. Please read the product label for additional information.

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