Out Call Massage

For your convenience, our Therapists are available to travel to your hotel room or home. Advanced notice is advised. 20% Gratuity will be included on all out call massages.

60 minutes - $125

75 minutes - $145

90 minutes - $165

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Massage Upgrades

Yoga Balm $5 - targets specific muscles for deep relief.

Hot Towels $5 - soothe sore muscles with heat therapy.

Aromatherapy $10 - a combination of orange, jasmine, eucalyptus & lavender essential oils.

Phia Energy Bouquet $10 - need a little grounding, adventure, focus, balance, imagination or confidence? Add a signature blend to your massage.

Coconut Cream $10 - instant firming effects.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Gel $10 - deep hydration for dry skin.

Muscle Repair $15 - rejuvenate & repair sore & tired muscles *Gift with purchase.

Scented Massage Oil $15 - your choice of either: bergamot, citrus, eucalyptus or lavender *Gift with purchase.

Hand & Foot Treatment $20 - natural wax and soothing oils are melted and massaged into the hands & feet *Gift with purchase.

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Facial Treatments

Dermasound Facial

Great news for less than perfect skin! This is a cutting edge skincare system that benefits three common skin problems: fine lines, acne, and hyper pigmentation. The Dermasound uses water, driven by low frequency sound waves to rapidly spin molecules, producing an effect called “cavitation.” This process whirls away dead surface skin cells and debris safely and gently, with no inflammation. The Dermasound treatment is a whole new technology for providing a more effective, deeper-reaching topical antioxidant and repairative treatment for your skin.

60 minutes - $105

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Body Treatments


Align Signature Combo

Your package will include a 60 minute Swedish Massage and a 60 minute Basic Facial. Always a great combination!

2 Hours


$10.00 savings

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Initial Consultation and Treatment (90min)-$100.00
Follow-up Treatments (60min)-$65.00
Initial Herbal Consultation (40min)-$40.00
Follow-up Herbal Consultation (20min)-$20.00
Herbal Formulas-price varies
Please note: most follow-up herbal consultations are brief and require no additional payment.