About Us

Voted Best Spa and Best Massage in Park City...Align Spa is a local's favorite for two decades

The Align Spa has been in operation since 2003. Align is not only the oldest day spa in Park City, but it has repeatedly been voted Best Massage, Best Facial and Best Spa by the locals, who are the heart of our business. Members of the Align Spa team are professional, fun, and talented. Many have been working together for a decade or longer and consider each other as family. Here at Align Spa you will experience a genuine feeling of care and service from every single staff member you encounter. We believe that sets us apart and is one of the reasons people continue to visit us again and again. 


Align Spa Goes the Extra Step

The Align Spa is a high vibrational space, and that means we’ve taken great care to clean up the energy and vibrational experience of the spa by using various tools and technologies that we’re happy to share with you.

For instance, we have crystals tucked away throughout the spa to help support you during your experience with us, we regularly perform energetic clearings and gratitude cleanses on the space, and installed on power outlets around the spa are small, white EMI units that disperse and transmute “dirty” frequencies of electricity that are present in the wiring of the building. We believe you feel the difference these tools make right when you walk in the door.

We also take additional measures to minimize your exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequency) and wifi radiation while you’re in our care, by placing multiple energy balancing radionics units throughout the spa that work to actively cleanse and balance the energy field with the intention of helping improve the health and well-being of everyone present at the spa.


Get More from Your Spa Treatment with Chiropractic

Dr. Malin is an amazing chiropractor who has been working out of our spa since 2007. Many of our guests enjoy the convenience of getting a chiropractic adjustment right before or right after a massage. He is his own entity, so you can contact him directly for appointments and pricing.

Randall F Malin D.C.
Chiropractic Orthopedist

Dr. Malin